Striped Crochet Shoulder Bag, Women's Cute Crochet Bag, Natural Dyeing

Striped Crochet Shoulder Bag, Women's Cute Crochet Bag, Natural Dyeing

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Materials: hand dyed cotton yarn
Size: 30cm x 33cm / 11.8" × 13"

Refresh your look with this aesthetic crochet bag, hand-dyed cotton yarn with Dioscorea cirrhosa dyeing, carefully hand crocheted by local Chinese artisans. A cute bow design is made on the shoulder strap of the striped crochet bag, which adds fun and uniqueness.

Dioscorea cirrhosa dyeing: Dioscorea cirrhosa is used as a medicinal material. During the process of boiling medicine, it was discovered that the boiled juice can dye cloth. Then start to try dyeing, and gradually form a commonly used dye, which needs to be soaked and dried repeatedly for dyeing.

Hand wash, do not dry clean, the temperature should not be higher than 40℃;
Avoid white clothes during washing to reduce the chance of color mixing;
Drying it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight;
All products use ancient plant dyes, no chemical additives, and it is normal to have floating colors during washing.


Juno focuses on natural dyeing and hand crochet, and established her own studio in Guangzhou.
It takes time for things to develop, and dyeing also requires us to pursue nature, time, and the process of creation. Natural plant dyeing can present richer colors through different times of re-dyeing. Each technique of tie-dyeing, type-dyeing, and batik is a way to express inner monologue.

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