Uniunisoul is an independent business founded in Nanjing, China in 2023. We work with many independent artisans in China to help them sell their original handicrafts through our website. Before this, most of their products were only sold in offline markets in China.

We look for works with traditional culture or significance, special items with stories, and everyday items with life aesthetics, helping people express their style and personality.

Our range includes jewelry, bags, textiles, housewares, accessories, and more. Despite the variety of our products, each item has one thing in common - no piece is mass-produced, they are all carefully handcrafted.

Here, craftsmen use works of different styles to convey warmth, connect life aesthetics and humanistic feelings with good things, and promote communication between people and things.

We want you to feel connected to the product beyond the material, to feel cared for and special. We want you to know that the items you buy from uniunisoul are truly unique, just like you.

Whether you're looking for unique goods for yourself or a meaningful handmade gift for a loved one, this site has something special for you.